We are keeping on long term partnerships with our customers based on quality, delivery,service and the trusting relationship.

Wood Crusher Machine

Zhengzhou bobang- China supplier of Wood Cruhser Machine,Wood Crusher Manufactures,Wood Crusher for Sale.The products have got...

Sawdust Crusher

Zhengzhou bobang- China supplier of Wood Grinder,Grinder Wood,Wood Grinder Machine.The products have got the international...

Disc Chipper

Zhengzhou bobang are a serious manufacturer of Disc Chipper Machine,Wood Chipper,Wood Chipper Shredder in China. Our main...

Drum chipper

Zhengzhou bobang is the expert of Wood Chipper for Sale, Chipper Shredders,Wood Chipper Shredder.The products have got the...

Our Services

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Our service

Our service engineer would be ready for service 24 hours per day.Out service engineer won't leave until the problem of our machines is solved.

Before Sale

Be a good consultant and assistant of our customer, to ensure our customer's investment will be rewarded with great profit.

During Sale

Respect every customer and provide them convenience and reliability. We are devoted to help customer gain more.

After Sale

When the installation is finished, there will be one or two service engineer staying to ensure customer's production run well.